Demo 5 – Search on click

The ‘search on click’ feature in the free Posts Table with Search & Sort plugin lets you automatically search (i.e. filter) the table by clicking on certain links in the table. The free version is limited to post categories or author links, and the Pro version also has search on click for post tags and custom taxonomies – as well as letting you add filter dropdowns above the table. Try clicking the category or author links below to filter the table.

193Blog PostBlog2020-02-24 15:55:01
191Document 1Blog2019-09-01 15:55:01
189Image PostDesign, News2019-08-06 15:55:01
192Upcoming EventBlog, Design2019-08-01 15:55:01
190E-Commerce ProductBlog2019-03-05 15:55:01
28Maternity PolicyPolicies2019-01-08 14:54:10
31Disciplinary Procedure (Audio)Procedures2018-05-12 14:53:23
32Holiday and Overtime ProcedureProcedures2018-04-08 14:55:01
30Health and Safety PolicyPolicies2018-03-08 14:53:04
10End of Employment QuestionnaireQuestionnaires2018-02-14 11:18:34
188Book TitleBlog2018-01-27 15:55:01
1Staff Induction ProcedureProcedures2017-12-09 00:59:02